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Materials Corrosion and Prevention Oil and gas industries encounter several corrosion problems like bottom of the line corrosion, top of the line corrosion, under-deposit corrosion, corrosion under insulation, etc. at the interior of the pipeline. This type of corrosion causes a huge economic loss in the industry. We, primarily,  are focusing on the development of electrochemical probe for real-time monitoring and investigating of internal corrosion of pipeline and the development of corrosion inhibitor to combat the corrosion of the oil and gas industry. 

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Improvement of electrode and elecrolyte of lead acid battery Lead-acid battery is one of the mature technology for storing energy. In spite of its numerous advantages, it is facing some drawbacks such as heavyweight, low energy density or specific energy, formation of irreversible hard sulfation during repeated cycling, positive active material softening and shedding after a definite period of cycling, water loss or dry out, and electrolytic stratifications. We are now focousing to reduce the weight by replacing the heavy weight lead grid with light materials like Cu, Ni, conducting plastic etc. We are also trying to introduce electrochemical method for fabricating the electrode instead of traditional pasting plate technology.

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